OEM hard capsules, softgel, tablets/pills, blister packaging,Linkyou International

OEM hard capsules, softgel, tablets/pills, blister packaging,Linkyou International

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Since its establishment in 2011, Linkyou has attracted numerous users with its unique API and plant extracts. Our positioning is to build a bridge connecting you, me, and third-party service platforms, providing users with convenient and efficient data interfaces and plant extraction solutions.

The core philosophy of Linkyou is to “connect you and me, and create a better future together.”. We are well aware that in this era of information explosion, data is the most valuable asset. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality and most unique API interfaces to keep you competitive in the ever-changing market. In addition, we focus on innovation and development in the field of plant extraction, providing you with green, natural, and efficient plant extracts to help you expand your business.

Our team is composed of a group of passionate and innovative young people. We constantly learn and make progress, striving to provide you with better service. In our view, every user is a precious trust, and we always adhere to the principles of integrity and win-win, growing together with you.
In this era full of challenges and opportunities, Linkyou will become your trusted partner. Let’s work together and create brilliance!

In the modern pharmaceutical industry, various dosage forms and packaging forms of products are constantly emerging to meet the needs of different patients. Among them, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets/pills, blister packaging, cold forming aluminum foil packaging, men’s delayed spray, vaginal tightening gel, coffee formula bags, plasters and other products have attracted much attention.

Hard and soft capsules, as common oral solid preparations, have won the favor of consumers due to their excellent coating technology and stable drug release performance. Hard capsules are mainly used for drugs containing non volatile components, while soft capsules are suitable for oily or volatile drug components. Both can be customized according to needs to meet the dosage requirements of different drugs.

Tablets/pills are another common oral solid preparation, characterized by accurate dosage, convenient portability, and good stability. According to the nature and dosage of the medication, tablets/pills can be of different shapes, colors, and tastes to improve patient compliance with the medication.

In terms of packaging, bubble wrap packaging and cold formed aluminum foil packaging have high protective performance and aesthetics. Bubble wrap packaging is suitable for various tablets, capsules, and other products, with good sealing and moisture-proof properties. Cold formed aluminum foil packaging is widely used in oral solid, liquid, paste and other products, with excellent barrier performance and environmental protection performance.

In addition, men’s delayed spray, vaginal tightening gel and other products provide effective solutions for the needs of specific groups of people. Male delayed spray can help patients improve their sexual life quality by delaying drug release; Vaginal firming gel can help women recover vaginal firmness and improve the quality of sexual life.

Other products such as coffee formula pouches and ointments also have great market potential. The coffee recipe small bag is easy to carry and can meet people’s need to enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere; Ointment, as a traditional application form, has significant therapeutic effects and convenient use, and is widely used in the treatment of symptoms such as pain and inflammation.

In summary, OEM hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets/pills, blister packaging, cold formed aluminum foil packaging, delayed spray for man, vaginal tightening gel, sachet for coffee formula, plaster and other products play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. With the continuous development of technology and the increasing diversification of market demand, these products will continue to be optimized and upgraded, bringing a better medication experience to patients.



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