BSEN12195-3 ratchet load Binder



BSEN12195-3 Ratchet Load Binder, designed to meet stringent industry standards, is a crucial component for ensuring the secure fastening of chains in a variety of lashing applications. These specialized binders are meticulously engineered to simplify the process of tightening chains, providing a user-friendly and effective solution for maintaining cargo stability during transportation. By utilizing the BSEN12195-3 Ratchet Load Binder, operators can confidently secure loads in a reliable manner, significantly reducing the risk of any potential shifting or displacement. The robust construction and precision engineering of these binders make them indispensable tools for professionals who prioritize safety and efficiency in their lashing operations. The Chain Ratchet Load Binder stands out as a key component in this system, featuring reinforced hooks that enhance durability and strength. These reinforced hooks are meticulously designed to withstand heavy loads and provide a secure anchor point for the chain, reducing the likelihood of slippage or detachment. Furthermore, the incorporation of special safety devices in the Chain Ratchet Load Binder adds an extra layer of protection, enhancing overall safety measures during the lashing process and contributing to a more secure cargo transport operation. In addition to their functional benefits, Lashing Chain Load Binders and Chain Ratchet Load Binders exemplify a commitment to quality and reliability in the realm of cargo securing equipment. Their robust construction and innovative design elements underscore the importance of precision engineering in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of goods. As essential components in the lashing process, these binders play a pivotal role in upholding industry standards and promoting best practices for securing loads in diverse settings.  

BSEN12195-3 Ratchet Load Binder Feature:

  • Drop forged steel
  • Painted finish
  • Heat treated for extra strength
  • Minimum breaking load is 3.5 times the lashing capacity.
  • Marked with size, lashing capacity and manufacturers mark
  • Size:6mm,8mm,10mm,13mm,16mm
BSEN12195-3 ratchet load Binder
BSEN12195-3 ratchet load Binder




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