Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips Hot Dip Galvanized

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Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips Hot Dip Galvanized-China LG™

Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips Hot Dip Galvanized offered by China LG™ are essential components used for securing the ends of wire ropes in various applications. These wire rope clips, also known as fist grips, are designed to provide a strong and reliable grip on wire ropes, preventing slippage and ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.
Manufactured by China LG™, these wire rope clips are hot-dip galvanized to enhance their corrosion resistance and durability, making them suitable for outdoor and marine environments where exposure to moisture and harsh conditions is common.
The Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips feature a robust design with a heavy-duty cast steel saddle and a high-tensile U-bolt, providing a secure connection for wire ropes. The larger nut size on the U-bolt allows for increased tightening force, ensuring a firm grip on the wire rope.
Available in various sizes to accommodate different wire rope diameters, these hot-dip galvanized wire rope clips are versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications in industries such as construction, mining, marine, and more.
It is important to note that the Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips Hot Dip Galvanized by China LG™ are not intended for lifting purposes but are ideal for securing wire ropes in place for various industrial applications where a reliable grip is essential.

Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips Hot Dip Galvanized Description

The Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips Hot Dip Galvanized, also known as the Twin Base Saddle Clamp, offered by China LG™, are versatile components used in conjunction with wire ropes and thimbles to create secure wire loops. These clamps, which are galvanized for enhanced corrosion resistance, provide a reliable and durable solution for securing wire ropes in various applications.
China LG™’s range of Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips, available in both standard and customized sizes, are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The entire clip is galvanized to protect against corrosion and rust, ensuring longevity and performance in outdoor and marine settings.
The saddle of the Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips is forged from steel, providing strength and durability for secure wire rope connections. The nuts on the clips can be installed in a manner that allows the operator to swing the wrench in a full arc, facilitating fast and efficient installation.
Compared to U-Bolt clips, Fist Grip Clips offer several advantages. They cannot be installed incorrectly (upside down), reducing the risk of errors during installation. Additionally, they cause less damage to the wire rope and make it easier to torque the nuts from both sides, ensuring a secure and stable connection.
In summary, the Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips Hot Dip Galvanized from China LG™, also known as Twin Base Saddle Clamps, are reliable, durable, and efficient components for creating secure wire loops in a variety of industrial applications.

Technical & Feature

Technical Notes Fist grip Meets Federal Specification FF-C-450 Type III, Class 1
Processing Drop Forged
Surface Finished Electric Galvanized / Hot Dip Galvanized
Size 3/16″-1/4″,5/16″,3/8″,7/16″-1/2″,9/16″-5/8″,3/4″,7/8″,1″,1-1/8″,1-1/4″,1-3/8″-1-1/2″
Brand LG™
Origin China

Specification-Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips Hot Dip Galvanized

Part No. Rope Size Dimensions (mm)
(inch) A B C D E G
LGWRCF01 3/16-1/4 8 32 6 24 3/8-16UNC 35
LGWRCF02 5/16” 8 35 7 28 3/8-16UNC 40
LGWRCF03 3/8” 11 41 7.5 28 7/16-14UNC 46
LGWRCF04 7/16-1/2 14 48 8.5 32 1/2-13UNC 56
LGWRCF05 9/16-5/8 17 58 9.5 38 5/8-11UNC 68.5
LGWRCF06 3/4” 21 68 11 46 3/4-10UNC 85
LGWRCF07 7/8” 24 75.5 12 54 3/4-10UNC 88
LGWRCF08 1” 27 78 14 57 3/4-10UNC 98
LGWRCF09 1-1/8” 30 88 15 60 7/8-9UNC 106
LGWRCF10 1-1/4” 32 90 16 63.5 7/8-9UNC 110
LGWRCF11 1-3/8 -1-1/2” 38 105 18 76 7/8-9UNC 141


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